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St Saviour’s Primary School

St Saviour's School

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School Policies

Please click on the policies below to view them. 

  1. ARC - The Haven .PDF FileDownload

  2. Assessment .PDF FileDownload

  3. Attendance .PDF FileDownload

  4. Comments, Complaints and Compliments .PDF FileDownload

  5. Computing .PDF FileDownload

  6. Counter Bullying .PDF FileDownload

  7. Department Data Protection Policies and Procedures .PDF FileDownload

  8. Digital Safeguarding.PDF FileDownload

  9. Early Years.PDF FileDownload

  10. English .PDF FileDownload

  11. Equality Policy .PDF FileDownload

  12. Health and Safety (in brief).PDF FileDownload

  13. Home School Agreement September 2020 - Covid 19 related.PDF FileDownload

  14. Intimate Care .PDF FileDownload

  15. JP Policy .PDF FileDownload

  16. Lunchtime and Play Guidelines .PDF FileDownload

  17. Mathematics .PDF FileDownload

  18. Maths -Overview of strategies and methods Reception.DOCX FileDownload

  19. Maths - Overview of strategies and methods KS1.DOC FileDownload

  20. Maths - Overview of strategies and methods KS2.DOC FileDownload

  21. Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy .PDF FileDownload

  22. Mobile Device Policy 2021.DOC FileDownload

  23. Parent and Carer code of conduct.PDF FileDownload

  24. Physical Intervention Policy Updated May 22.DOC FileDownload

  25. Positive Behaviour Policy 2021.PDF FileDownload

  26. Privacy-Notice-2021 2022 - Updated May 22.DOCX FileDownload

  27. Safeguarding and Child protection policy September 2021 .PDF FileDownload

  28. Safeguarding and Child Protection - Covid 19 addendum .PDF FileDownload

  29. SEND and Inclusion Policy.PDF FileDownload

  30. Severe weather and snow policy .PDF FileDownload

  31. Sex and Relationships.PDF FileDownload

  32. Starting in Nursery and Reception at St Saviour's School.PDF FileDownload

  33. Teaching and Learning 2021.PDF FileDownload

  34. Social Media Policy 2021.DOC FileDownload