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OPAL - Outdoor Play and Learning

OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning)

We are really delighted with the development of our lunchtime play in conjunction with OPAL. There are a number of staff members who are involved in supporting this development but Mrs Cordiner (Play team co-ordinator) and Mrs Burnham (Play team leader) both have key roles in driving this forward in our school.

Mr Sheldon is always busy constructing and preparing areas and resources for use by the children. You may have heard your child talking about the types of activities and opportunities they have available to them, but just in case you aren’t aware, this is what is currently available:

  • Large construction blocks and Constructa den resources
  • Lego, Sylvanian Families and other small world play resources
  • Mindful colouring
  • Play house based on a theme (café, post office, construction firm office etc)
  • Suitcases, trunkies and wheeled toys
  • Basketball nets and balls
  • The adventure trail
  • Musical instruments
  • A stage
  • Cardboard boxes - a range to construct with, hide in, play with etc
  • Newly painted tarmac games i.e. What’s the time Mr Wolf?, hopscotch
  • Den making materials
  • Sand pit and mud kitchens.

The pupils are showing real joy and happiness at lunchtimes and the incidences of any poor behaviour as well as first aid treatment have significantly reduced.

Thank you for your understanding with your child’s uniform – we are trying to provide as much access to the field as possible which occasionally leads to some muddiness! Once the sand-pit is also accessible, we anticipate some occasions where pupils may get sandy socks and shoes. Ask your child what their favourite part of lunchtime is, I’m sure they will tell you lots about it.

If they, or you, have any suggestions for further activities/opportunities, please do let us know.