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Digital Safeguarding/E-Safety

Online safety is very important both at home and at school. 

This page contains various links to online safety information for parents. St Saviour's school follows an E-sense annual programme which delivers the esafety curriculum but also develops assemblies linked to Anti-bullying Week and Internet Safety Day. Please see our annual plan below. 

E-sense annual overview 
Autumn  Spring Summer


Anti - bullying assembly

 Focus  I am kind and responsible

Internet Safety 

Internet Safety Assembly

Focus  I am safe

Health focus Excessive/obsessive use

Focus  I am safe

Permission is sought from parents before children can access the Internet at school and both parents and children are required to agree to a code of practice to ensure safe use of the internet. This is displayed in and around our school as well as the SMART rules we encourage all children to follow. 

We highly recommend that parents spend time exploring the website "Thinkuknow' with your child - It is linked to the CEOP child internet protection site and has interactive games that help children of different age groups become more aware of how to act safely when using the internet.

Below is an example of an Internet Safety Day video available through YouTube (where they are uploaded annually) - please watch this for further information on Online Safety. There are also many help sheets below to support online safety and digital safeguarding at home.